New Features for Event Apps

New Features for Event Apps

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If you have been in the events industry for a long time, you should have noticed different event tech products such as event apps. Since almost everyone today has a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, event organisers are trying to increase attendee engagement by providing attendees a mobile app that is designed specifically to improve their experience.

Here are four new features of an Android app event planning:

1.) Gamification

As the name may suggest, this feature of the app engages your attendees during any part of the agenda through “gaming”. These games may be simple or complicated, but the theme is always related to the event. If you are particularly interested in this feature, try to talk to your event app developer of choice and see if they already offer this type of customisation.

2.) Live polls

During conferences or other types of events where there is a speaker, live polling is a very helpful feature to allow attendees to provide their own input. Events where only the speakers can direct the discussion are considered obsolete in terms of event design. Two-way communication is now encouraged even for large events. Attendees have a say on whatever theme the talk explores and one good way to find out what they feel about a certain point or topic is by letting them participate in live polls using the event app.

3.) Q&A

Related to live polls, the Q&A feature further supports attendee engagement during an event. Aside from merely logging their answers for questions from speakers, they can do the line of questioning themselves through the event app. The Q&A feature allows attendees to ask questions to a speaker or to a panel without having to come forward or speak through a microphone. During the period designated for Q&A, attendees can simply log questions via the app and a moderator can then vet the questions.

4.) Activity Feed

The event activity feed is another way to increase attendee engagement during an event. It acts like a social media platform and invites attendees to share their own thoughts or pictures from the event. Everyone who has log-in access to the app can see the posts of others and they may like or comment to further support networking.

If you would like to find out more about a more comprehensive event management solution, read about the attendee management software.